Korean Idol Group EXO-M Cheated and Won, Maybe By Bribing

If you want to be awarded something in Greater China, the best way is to cheat, maybe after bribing. Here is a trivial example, Fengyun New Singers Award. You can even get 4.2 billion votes, more than half of global population.

Until Dec 5 midnight, you could vote for your favorite new singer on this page. You must know none of them, but that’s not the question here.

You can vote only once every 15 minutes via the same global IP address. Web API for voting is a simple URL with only one parameter. So you can easily write an automatic voting script.

Main players of New Group Award are Korean boys group EXO-M and Chinese girls group SNH48.

SNH48, abbreviation of Shanghai 48, is one of the overseas sister groups of AKB48 (Akihabara 48) which is the most popular ‘idol’ groups in Japan. Another sister group is JKT48 (Jakarta 48) in Indonesia.

Look at the chart below and check vote result every 5 minutes from Dec 4 to 5.

SNH48 count is constantly growing thanks to the followers handmade voting script, about 450 every 5 minutes.

EXO-M count is a total mess. For example, from 21:25 to 21:30 JST it jumped by 5 million. From 21:40 to 21:45 it jumped again by 3 million.

This vote is clearly a cheat from the beginning. The management agency of EXO-M, Korean S.M. Entertainment manipulated the vote count. There is no doubt.

Why could S.M. Entertainment manipulate votes while SNH48 management couldn’t? I’m not sure but it’s highly possible that S.M. Entertainment bribed the host of this new singers award.

SNH48 management is supervised by AKB48 management in Japan. Japanese are too honest to do business in China. Really sorry for them.

Here is another cheat by Korean S.M. Entertainment for the same music award on another vote page. They got 4.2 billion votes at the peak. 60% of global population support EXO-M. Then their count went down to 9 million. How can the vote count decrease? Their cheat is too cheap.